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  • Panpo

    Panpo is the largest city in the region, hosting about 4,000 souls. The people of Panpo are generally tough and stern, but cooperative. They take disease very seriously, and most keep scented kerchiefs or bags of herbs with them to cover their faces at …

  • Cracked Pot Tavern

    A medium-sized inn and tavern in the city of [[Panpo]], owned by "Parthalan Mar MacHolmisdale":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/red-tide/characters/parthalan-mar-macholmisdale. The walls are covered in shelves full pottery, all of it old and most …

  • Western Arms

    Fine arms and armor crafted by the impressively skilled half-Shou, [[:luta]], located in [[Peddler's Alley]]. The shop is more open and inviting than most and even has a few decorative plants that have managed to survive the heat of the place.

  • The Barrel

    An inn at [[Lowbarrow]] whose most prominent feature is that its door is actually an old barrel of wine slightly modified to be used as a door. Despite its location, the rooms are clean and the food is decent. They close the door at nightfall but …

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