Red Tide

The Delve of Daizen

(Yes, that one...)

With adventure in their hearts, the party looks for other opportunities and finally decides upon a ruin known as the Delve of Daizen. More than one intrepid band has investigated the underground structure, but few have returned.

Upon arriving, the party takes care to search for dangers and then proceeds down the leaf-strewn spiral staircase. Below, a few goblins guard the entrance, but the party makes short work of one and the other flees into the darkness to get help.

Soon enough, the goblin returns with several other goblins and a rather skinny hobgoblin. Unfortunately for the shou, Walderson cheats and sleeps the lot of them before slitting their throats and looting their cooling corpses.

The party continues into the darkness and rounds a corner to come face to face with a lone hobgoblin. The hobgoblin flees into another room, and calls out for the adventurers to leave, or else.

The party, only slightly intimidated, takes the time allotted them to have San Chal summon a “golden servitor”, which he then sends into the room beyond, where it easily kills the hobgoblin.

Investigating the room afterwards, Shi Go notices an artifact from his destroyed hometown being used a decoration. Apparently something (everything?) here is responsible, and Shi Go vows vengeance.

Backtracking a bit, the party opens a barred door clearly marked with a skull-like symbol in black paint. Unsurprisingly, several animated skeletons shamble silently forward, only be crushed to shards by the servitor before it finally dissipates. Shi Go offers a prayer at the dry devotional fountain there before Walderson leads the group into the next room where they find an ancient sarcophagus.

Deciding not to disturb the dead, the party moves into the room to their left, finding a larger pair of chambers featuring another sarcophagus and walls covered in elaborate mosaic tile-work that describes some saint saving a town. Jian points out that the holy symbols here look like the kind worn by the shou.

To be continued…


6 Goblins (5 XP ea.)
2 Hobgoblins (15 XP ea.)
6 Skeletons (13 XP ea.)




Ludanto Ludanto

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