Red Tide

The Wind Palace

Tide Cultists!

Following rumors of cultist activity, the party hires some mercenaries to guard their stuff on the trip, and travel upriver to a remote village at the foot of a run-down palace surrounded by wind-dragon sculptures. Things are weird there, and when they awake after staying at the inn, they discover that their mercenaries are missing.

They make a run on the palace and kill several guards. A sleep spell from one of the resident wizards nearly kills the whole party, but a surviving henchman awakens the others and turns the tide of battle. A web spell nearly undoes them once inside, but luckily the party gets trapped too far inside the thick of the web to be attacked effectively, and another party member burns the rest out with his torch.

There are some heroics from the henchmen as the get in the faces of the wizards, preventing them from casting, and soon, the cultists are all dead. Downstairs, the party finds their mercenaries, mostly unharmed.

However, when the adventurers leave, they find a ruined and overgrown town where once there seemed to be life. Perhaps it was a strange illusion, disrupted by the death of the mages.

The party returns to Panpo to recuperate.


Ludanto Ludanto

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