Red Tide

Welcome to Panpo
Adventure begins!

Seventhmonth 01, 300 AL

Gendai the Elf, Yosif the Dwarf, and the Walderson the wizard are low on funds and prospects and are drinking at the Cracked Pot Tavern when a man comes in and nails up a flyer announcing a reward of 500 gold koku for the return of a lost boy. The three team up and begin asking around. To nobody’s surprise, the child’s family is well-known and quite wealthy.

Asking Around
"Have you seen this boy?"

Seventhmonth 01, 300 AL

Gendai, Yosif and Walderson go to the location where the boy was last seen and encounter Marelde Brandt, who says she found the boy’s monogrammed kerchief near a hole in the ground that probably leads to the Undercity, but nobody will listen to her. She takes them to an alley in Lowbarrow where a large piece of masonry from the nearby wall has fallen and broken a hole into the earth below.

The Sunken Square Encounter
"Crap! Kobolds!"

Seventhmonth 01, 300 AL

The hole leads down a “stairway” of collapsed wall. Gendai’s and Yosif’s infravisions reveal the square of some ancient town. There are collapsed doorways and windows on the periphery and three, barely accessible alleyways leading off into the darkness. In the center is a collapsed well.

Yosif makes a quick examination of the area, and that’s when he hears the startled curses of kobolds coming from the “western” alleyway. He lights a torch and calls the others to him, and the three charge down the allway after them.

The kobolds lie in wait behind a hole in the wall at the end of the alley, and manage to injure Yosif as he comes through, though he’s ready for them and cleaves one in the skull in return. Two of the kobolds flee in panic as Yosif backpedals behind Gendai, narrowly avoiding the last kobold’s blade just as it likewise narrowly avoids an arrow in the head from Gendai!

Another arrow goes wide as the last of the kobolds dives into the darkness after its more cowardly companions.

Walderson checks the corpse of the kobold for any signs of allegiance, but finds only filth and rags.

Yosif searches the kobold for loot, and finds a handful of copper pieces, more filth, and a small, worked gem.

Kills: 1 Kobold
Treasure: 1 Gem, 14 Copper

The Bath House
No Time for Treasure

Seventhmonth 01, 300 AL

The party explores the room briefly. The tile-work and layout suggest a bath house. There’s even an ornate pool in the corner, bubbling with dangerously hot water. At the bottom of the pool appears to be a golden statuette.

However, Yosif is focused on the mission and leads the rest of the party charging across the room, down a short passageway, across a large, rubble-strewn cavern full of collapsed building foundations, to the closed door on the other side. He opens it, and narrowly avoids being killed by thrown javelins from the two kobolds waiting in ambush. Luckily, a spell of Sleep from Walderson takes the two kobolds down before they can finish Yosif off.

Gendai kills one of the monsters and ties up the other. A brief interrogation ensues. Apparently, these kobolds are just a small gang of outcasts, using the human children as slave labor to dig up “shiny”. They can hear the children working behind the door to the next room.

Considering their injuries, the party decides to seek healing, and perhaps hire on some help. They tie up the kobold to a leash and sneak back the way they came…

Kills: 1 Kobold

A Terrible Accident
A Bad Time for Bad Luck

Seventhmonth 01, 300 AL

As the party approaches the exit, the suspicious patch of bare earth at the foot of the stairs gives way beneath Gendai, sending the elf tumbling into a 10-foot deep pit full of jagged, broken paving stones!

Walderson calls to him, but it is obvious that the poor elf is dead, his soul even now seeking a new incarnation.

It is with heavy hearts and grim determination that the rest of the party steps around the hole to continue their mission…

PC Deaths: Gendai (Pit Trap)

A Tense Waiting

Seventhmonth 01, 300 AL – Seventhmonth 02, 300 AL

Back in the city, the adventurers head for the Central district, looking for healing for the brave Yosif, but their monsterous prisoner arouses too much commotion in the townsfolk, so the heroes decide to separate.
While Yosif goes for healing, Walderson looks for a discrete alley and awaits his friend there, not without a little discussion of who must remain guarding the treacherous kobold, quickly ended by the dwarf’s diplomatic ways; walking away while his companion complains.
Despite Waldrson’s efforts, the creature gets the attention of a holy warrior, San Chal, who enters the alley and starts a conversation with the young wizard.

Meanwhile the dwarf seems to have found what he needs to be on full health again and to continue their adventure.

Everyone needing time to rest and prepare, Walderson and Yosif and their new member, San Chal, stay the night at the inn known as The Barrel, taking turns guarding the kobold captive in the alley outside.

Early in the morning, the group sneaks the kobold back to the entrance to the under-city and crawl back into the hole…

Things are Never Easy
... when you leave kobolds to their own devices.

Seventhmonth 02, 300 AL

Unfortunately, the kobolds haven’t been idle in the evening hours. Right away, Yosif steps on a simple trap, an “ankle-breaker”, that causes him to twist his ankle, slowing him (and the rest of the party) down significantly as he limps along.

Carefully making their way back to the bath house entrance while watching out for ambushers, they find the entrance suspiciously blocked by a stone slab. Investigation by Yosif confirms that it’s unstable and probably a trap.

They consider their options…

How to screw it all...

Seventhmonth 02, 300 AL

Today is our second day down the ruins of the old city of Panpo

The thought of those boys being enslaved by the kobolds is disgusting. I am anxious to reach the mines and free them.
I have to be more patient to use my limited magical resources, last time I saved Yosif Orefinder and Gendai for the reptilian creatures, but this time I have doubts that it would be enough.
We weren’t able to obtain more information from our prisoner… I really dislike this creature, even more since he provoked Gendai’s death. Poor elf, the remaining kobolds had robbed his corpse. I really want to take him out of there. For all the things I know about the elves, his soul should be looking for another body to reincarnate, but still…
The nasty kobolds had set more annoying traps for us. Just as we entered the tunnel Yosif Orefinder almost broke his ankle. I hope he can fight properly.
At the entrance of the bath house the dwarf noticed that the kobolds had left the entire wall at the brink of collapse. At this pace we will never make it.
I looked at the restrained and gagged kobold who was our prisoner. Realizing that they are treacherous and greedy creatures, I tried to convince it to guide us through the complex where the children are being held. I promised it that we would leave it as the leader of the pack, providing that no more children were kidnapped.


Little bugger conned me! It nodded in agreement and as soon as we untied it, it ran away!! Its little body wasn’t enough to spring the trap, so by now it should be with the rest of its lot.
No point in being cautious and keep it quiet now.
San Chal threw a couple of stones at the wall with his sling and the thing collapsed. We continued, but better be really cautious for ambush or traps.
I don’t fear for the children’s safety, at least no more than before. They need them after all.
But I curse myself for being so naive. Next time I cross one of those creatures there will be no talking nor negotiation, just retaliation…

Walderson Turunen

(Well, kind of...)

Seventhmonth 02, 300 AL

Searching the rest of the tunnels, the party finds a blocked door. Moving the heavy stone aside, they open the door to find a nest of fire beetles! Before Yosif and San Chal can get themselves killed, Walderson casts a sleep spell on the beetles, allowing the dwarf and cleric to slaughter them at their leisure.

Searching the room, they find it used to be some sort of temple. This doesn’t stop them from looting candlesticks and holy symbols from under the beetles’ nesting materials.

The party continues looking for the kobolds, but find only a crack in the wall to narrow to enter. This is probably where the little beastmen came from and to where they returned. Unable to follow, they continued to seek the lost boy.

Walderson’s careful approach allowed him to notice the collapsed hall full of centipedes in time to flee from them. Cleverly tossing the venomous critters a beetle carcass and then bolting past, the party finally found the pit where the children were being kept. But not the one they were seeking.

They were able to save these children, but not the one that came with a reward. Later, they heard that the boy was found wandering the streets with his hands bound and a bag over his head. Weird.

Hellos and Goodbyes
A Change in the Roster

Seventhmonth 02, 300 AL – Seventhmonth 09, 300 AL

While there was still treasure to be had under the city, the party felt it was too risky, especially with the tunnels being off limits by city law.

So it was decided that they should reequip, hire some help, and seek out new adventures!

This is, unfortunately, when Yosif took his leave to return to his dwarven people.

That said, Walderson hired a charming young woman named Fleta, and an eager young man named Yudai. Neither had much experience with the adventuring life, but both were brave and hearty.

During the hiring process, the party heard of a loot-worthy ancient crypt and a town with “beastman trouble”. Being the altruistic sorts that they are, it was decided to head for the troubled village of Manba.


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