Walderson Turunen

Skandr Wizard


Name: Walderson Turunen

Race: Human
Class: Mage
Alignment: Neutral
Level: 3/14 (Magician)
XP: 16535/20000(+5%)
Reserve XP: 500

STR: 09 (0)
INT: 15 (+ 1)*
WIS: 10 /0
DEX: 13 (+ 1)
CON: 10 (0)
CHA: 09 (0)

HD: 4d4 HP: 9/9

AC: 1 (0 + DEX)

Move: 30’ per Round
Explore: 90’ per Turn
Run: 90’ per Round

Special Abilities:

Weapons: Quarterstaffs, Clubs, Daggers, Darts
Armor: None
Style: 1 Hand, 2 Hand


Attack: 9+

Saving Throws:

Petrification & Paralysis: 12+
Poison & Disease: 12+
Blast & Breath: 14+
Staffs & Wands: 10+
Spells: 11+

Max Henchmen: 4


Adventuring (G)
The character is well-equipped for a life of adventure. He knows how to clean and sharpen weapons, saddle and ride a horse, set up a camp, and search for a secret door. He has a rough idea of the value of common coins, trade goods, gems, and jewelry. All player characters are assumed to have Adventuring for purposes of the proficiency throws of standard adventuring tasks.

Mapping (G) (11+)
The character can understand and make maps, even if he cannot read or write. With a proficiency throw of 11+, the character can interpret or draft complicated layouts or map an area by memory. This proficiency can be selected multiple times.

Alchemy (G) (11+)
The character can identify common alchemical substances, potions, and poisons with a proficiency throw of 11+. If the character takes this proficiency twice, he can work as an apothecary or alchemical assistant. If the character takes this proficiency three times, he is an alchemist himself.

Mystic Aura (11+)
The character has learned to project his magical powers in a way that causes awe in those that share the character’s presence. He gains a +2 bonus to reaction rolls to impress and intimidate people he encounters. If this bonus results in a total of 12 or more, the subjects act as if charmed while in his presence.

Languages: Common, Elvish


Quarterstaff (10+) 1d6
Dagger (10+) 1d4
Dagger (Thrown) (9+) 1d4
Shuriken (9+) 1d4 15’/30’/45’

h4 Spell Repertoire:

1 – Sleep
Range: 240’
Arcane 1 Duration: 4d4 turns
With a sleep spell, the caster may attempt to put creatures into a magical slumber. All creatures to be affected must be visible and within range of the spell. The caster may choose to target 1 specific creature of 4+1 HD or less, or a group of up to 2d8 HD of creatures of 4 HD or less. Creatures with more than 4+1 HD cannot be affected at all. Sleeping creatures are helpless and can be killed in one round by unengaged opponents. Slapping or wounding awakens an affected creature, but normal noise does not. Sleep does not affect creatures that are already unconscious or undead, constructs, oozes, and other creatures that do not rest.

1 – Magic Missile
Range: 150’
Arcane 1 Duration: instantaneous
This spell causes a missile of magical energy to dart forth from the caster’s fingertip and strike its target, dealing 1d6+1 points of damage. The missile strikes unerringly, even if the target is in melee combat, so long as the target has less than total cover or total concealment. Specific parts of a creature can’t be singled out. Inanimate objects are not damaged by the spell.

1 – Charm Person
Range: 60’
Duration: special
This spell makes a humanoid creature regard the caster as its trusted friend and ally. Humanoid creatures include bugbears, dryads, dwarves, elves, gnolls, gnomes, goblins, hobgoblins, kobolds, lizardmen, men, mermen, morlocks, neanderthal, naiads, ogres, pixies, sprites, and troglodytes, and other manlike creatures no larger than an ogre and possessing 4 or fewer Hit Dice. Humans and demi-humans may be affected regardless of character level. A save versus Spells will negate the effect. If the target of the spell is currently being threatened or attacked by the caster or his or her allies, it receives a +5 bonus on its saving throw. The spell does not enable the caster to control the charmed creature as if it were an automaton; rather, it perceives his words and actions in the most favorable way. The caster can try to give the subject orders, but it will not do anything it wouldn’t ordinarily do, and further may receive an additional saving throw to overcome the magic (at the Judge’s discretion). The caster must speak the charmed creature’s language to communicate any commands, or else be good at pantomiming; of course, if the caster is attacked, the charmed creature will act to protect its “friend” (though that could mean attacking the caster’s enemies, or attempting to carry off the caster to a “safe” place). The charmed creature receives a new saving throw each day if it is has an Intelligence of 13 or greater, every week if its Intelligence is 9-12, or every month it its Intelligence is 8 or less. A charm may be removed by a dispel magic spell.

2 – ESP
Range: 60’
Duration: 12 turns
This spell permits the caster to detect the surface thoughts of one or more targets within range. The caster must designate a direction, and then concentrate for a turn in order to “hear” the thoughts. Each turn the caster may choose to “listen” in a different direction. The caster may stop listening, then resume again later, so long as the duration has not expired. A creature’s thoughts are understood regardless of the language. The target creature is not normally aware of being spied upon in this way. If it is aware, it may make a saving throw versus Spells to clear its thoughts and avoid detection. Rock more than 2 inches thick or a thin coating of lead or gold will block the spell. All undead creatures are immune to this effect, as are mindless creatures such as golems.

2 – Wizard Lock
Range: 10’
Duration: permanent
A wizard lock spell cast upon a door, chest, or portal magically locks it. The caster can freely pass his own wizard lock without affecting it, as can any arcane spellcaster 3 or more levels higher than the caster of the wizard lock; otherwise, a door or object secured with this spell can be opened only by breaking in or with a successful dispel magic or knock spell.

Spells Per Day:
1st – 2/2
2nd – 2/2


Dagger (1/6)
Shuriken (11) (3/6)
Quarterstaff (6/6)
Backpack (0 Stone, Holding 22/6 of 24/6)
- Blanket, Wool, Thick (1/6)
- Spell Book (1/6) (91/100 pages) (Sleep, Magic Missile, Charm Person, Continual Light, ESP, Wizard Lock)
- Candles, Wax (x10) (10/6)
- Ink (1oz.) (-)
- Quill (-)
- Sheaf of Parchment (10 pages) (-)
- Scroll Case (1/6)
- Waterskin (1/6)
- Iron Rations (4 Days) (Dried meat and salted biscuits) (1/6)
- Silk Rope, 50’ (1/6)
- Wand of Lightning Bolt (15 Charges) (Command Word: “Aztraphi”) (1/6)
- Wrought copper necklace, decorated with eyes (90GP) (-)
- 2 scrimshaw earrings (43GP) (-)
- 2 scrolls in an unfamiliar language (2/6)
- 350 GP, 84 SP (2/6)
Hunting Dog (Rekkae) (10 Stone, not that you have to carry it)
- (AL:N, Move:180’/60’, AC:2, HD:1+1; HP:7, Atk:1, Dmg:1d4(Bite), Sv:F1, Morale:0)
Light Riding Horse (Move: 240’/120’, Load:20, Max:40)
- Riding Saddle and Tack
- Leather Saddlebags (Capacity: 0/3 Stone)

Encumbrance: 4 2/6 Stone


Yudai (F2, Male, Kueh) XP:3848/4,000
- Warrior
- S:3 I:6 W:12 D:10 C:15 Ch:17
- AC:2 (Leather) HP:11/11 Move:40’ Morale:3
- Spear: 1d6-2/1d8-2 (09
- Short Bow: 1d6+1 (09+)
- Quiver w/18 Arrows
- ATK:09+ PP:14+ PD:13+ BB:15+ SW:15+ Sp:16+
- Backpack[Waterskin, 7 Days Iron Rations, Blanket, 1 Flask Military Oil], Purse[0 GP] (Enc: 4.5 Stone)
- Engineering, Language(Elven), Mimicry, Navigation, Weapon Finesse
- +1 Damage, 2 Cleaves per Round
- Terms: 50 GP/Month + 15% Treasure

Junko (C2, Female, Kueh) XP:2243/3000
- 2nd Level Cleric (Acolyte) of Kega the Green Godess (of Transformation and Becoming)
- S:12 I:5 W:13 D:8 C:6 Ch:13
- AC:5 (Platemail- DEX) HP: 10/10 Move:20’ Morale:1 (Grudging)
- ATK:10+ PP:13+ PD:10+ BB:16+ SW:13+ Sp:15+ (1 vs spells)
- Mace 1d6/1d8 (10
- Backpack[Waterskin, 7 Days Iron Rations, Blanket], Purse[0 GP] (Enc: 8.4 Stone)
- Labor, Laying on Hands (1/day for 2*LVL HP)
- Turn Undead: Skeleton:7+, Zombie:10+, Ghoul:13+, Wight:16+, Wraith:19+
- Terms: 50 GP/Month + 15% Treasure
- Spells 1st: 1/1
- Spell List: Command Word, Cure Light Wounds, Detect Evil, Detect Magic, Light, Protection from Evil, Purify Food and Water, Remove Fear, Resist Cold, Sanctuary

Wand of Lightning Bolt (Command Word: “Aztraphi”)
Range: 180’
The wand releases a powerful stroke of electrical energy that is 60’ long. The lightning bolt passes through an area 5’ wide, arcing and jumping, so that, while it is not actually 5’ wide, for game purposes treat it as if it is so. It deals 6d6 points of electricity damage to each creature within its area. Any creature caught in the area of effect receives a saving throw versus Blast. A successful save reduces damage by half. The lightning bolt sets fire to combustibles and damages objects in its path. It can melt metals with a low melting point, such as lead, gold, copper, silver, or bronze. If the damage caused to an interposing barrier shatters or breaks through it, the bolt may continue beyond the barrier if the wand’s range permits; otherwise, it may reflect from the barrier back toward the caster, or in a random direction at the Judge’s option. Creatures already affected by the lightning bolt do not take additional damage if struck by the reflection of the same bolt.


Not being the most athletic, neither the strongest child in a city full of warriors wasn’t easy for young Walderson, but his quick mind and fast tongue make things worse. The typical day for him was, losing some strength or athletics contest, being ridiculed by the others, he showing them their flaws with a quick reply, who was followed by a hard punch and several kicks.

At age 8, there was a great festival in his city. There was two incidents that changed his live forever. One was seeing a wizard making cheap tricks, that hypnotized him. He found himself quickly repeating the weird movements and the strange words the fake wizard used for her tricks.. with the surprise that he actually canalized real magic and provoke a minor fire! with his new discovered powers he tried to impress one girl that was with a company of actors that came to the city… the trick failed, the others quickly made fun of him, and the girl joined them, humiliating him. That night he swore that one day no one will laugh at him again, that he will learn to master his new discovered powers and became powerful.

He fled his home, his father was somehow relieved for his weak son uses to embarrass him, but her mother still mourn him. He crossed half his country looking for a wizard tower that he had heard of. When he finally manages to reach it, lost into the wilderness, the wizard actually pity him, for he was famelic and full of dirt. Surprisingly for the wizard the young boy that he thought could help him cleaning his tower, showed a great talent for magic. In a few years he had mastered the basic spells. The years under his master tutelage were kind for Walderson, somehow mending some of his childhood wounds.

But Walderson was impatient, he wanted to learn more spells and master the power his master had. One night, he used his master spell-book to summon a demon. He wanted to show his master that he was ready. But the circle was flawless, the vision of the demon broke Walderson’s concentration and the demon was free. Fortunately for him his master was near. He fought the demon and ordered him to flee, scared, he did it.. and was about to leave the tower when it exploded in a great ball of fire.

When he recovered the consciousness the tower was burnt, his master and the demon disappeared. He managed to collect a few things and walked back towards civilization… more determined than ever to learn and gather more power, losing control and failure will not happen again to him…

Walderson Turunen

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