Red Tide


VERY Near Death Experience

Seventhmonth 10, 300 AL – Seventhmonth 25, 300 AL

Finding the secret door in the corner that the goblin described to them before being forced to duel for its life, the party climbs through to reveal a room with a freshly killed body on the floor. Rolling it over, Yosif discovers that it’s an orc, apparently killed by two arrows to the chest and one to the throat. Yosif takes the orc’s signal horn, and they move on, ignoring the nearby door to take the hallway to the north.

Soon, the hallway ends in three doors. The left door reveals a crowd of chatter and squealing. The center door offers grunting and wet noises. The right door seems to be silent.

Apparently looking for trouble, Yosif peeks into the left door. The room is crowded with she-orcs and orc-spawn. They notice the light from Walderson’s torch, but Yosif quickly closes the door before they can see him.

Rather than leave, Yosif quietly opens the center door, to reveal four orcs eating… something. They totally notice Yosif.

A fight breaks out, but Yosif holds the doorway. One of the orcs escapes out a side door, but the other three move in to attack. When one of the orcs’ attacks comes too close to Yosif for comfort, Walderson sleeps two of them. Yosif fells the one that steps in to take it’s place, but its falling corpse wakes their “sleeped” champion, who can’t seem to take a hint, and keeps up the fight.

Meanwhile, Rekkae, Walderson’s hunting dog, begins growling at the left door, the one full of she-orcs, and the one by which Walderson is standing. Walderson calls out a warning, but it’s too late. The door flies open, and an orc’s cruel black blade takes Walderson down!

The party scrambles to react! Yudai avenges his boss with a spear to the orc’s face while San Chal tends to Walderson’s horrible wound. It doesn’t look good, and San Chal doesn’t think Walderson will keep his left eye.

That’s when the other orc drives its black blade into Yosif’s chest!

Desperate, San Chal launces himself at the remaining orcs, crushing the skull of the nearest, while Yudai once again masters the skill of vengance, piercing Yosif’s assailant through the throat!

Fleta staunches Yosif’s wound, but he, too, won’t last the day without real healing.

Luckily, the party still outnumbers the fighting orcs, who begin to back off. San Chal and the henchmen take the opportunity, closing the door behind them and dragging their fallen away as quickly as possible. It takes nearly a day to get back to town, risking travel through the night, and Walderson and Yosif are deathly pale.

Luckier still, there are just barely two clerics available, and they are quite willing to aid the adventurers who have come to rid them of these “beastmen”. It takes a week before they can leave their beds again, and another week of rest before they feel ready to continue.

The party considers what other supplies or preparations they might need before returning to The Yellow Throne

Kills: 2 Orc Champions, 3 Orcs


Ludanto Ludanto

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