Red Tide

The Witch's Hut

Smart play saves the day.

Ok, very late in updating this. I’ll do my best.

The party travels to the witches hut. It’s creepy, with little straw men and animals standing “guard” around the clearing. They don’t move, though. The party pokes around the hut, and suddenly the huge cauldron in the middle of the tiny structure springs to life, chomping any character that touched anything in the hut. The thing is dangerous and seems nearly invulnerable, however, the party soon discovers that it will break off pursuit past the forest line.

So, the fastest character jabs it and bolts to the edge of the clearing. As soon as the cauldron is as far away as it can get, the others loot the hut for the “rat tail” root they need and flee the clearing. Win!


Ludanto Ludanto

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