Red Tide

The Mage Croaks

(...and Hops)

Twelfthmonth 26, 300 AL – Firstmonth 3, 301 AL

The new year starts without fanfare while the heroes are on the road between Panpo and Manba. Settling back in at the small village, rumors of increased attacks by bandits find them, and so they keep an eye out for trouble on the way to the ruins of the “Yellow Throne”.

Arriving safely at the dungeon, the party enters and encounters a few bandits guarding the room to the east. The bandit bowman responds to threats from the party with a clever “Taste my shaft!”, much to the amusement of his comrades. Two of the men are killed in the ensuing melee, but one bolts down the hall with the party not too far behind.

Running up the hallway, the party throws open a door to reveal more bandits waiting in ambush, but they don’t last long. One surrendering bandit tells the party where in the dungeon they can find the bandit leader, Jafar. They release him, and go to find the boss.

Another battle is averted, as Walderson cast a Sleep spell on an entire roomful of bandits.

On their way out, however, they are ambushed once again. Apparently their informant came back and warned the real Jafar, who set up a pincer maneuver to surround the party in the hall. Walderson’s second Sleep spell shortened the encounter greatly, and when the party finished cleaning up, they found their informant once again surrendering. In exchange for his life, he promises to show them where the bandits’ loot is stored. For real, this time!

The party gathers their treasure, including some potions, scrolls, a magic ring, magic sword and magic shield. Unfortunately, something ate their donkey while they were out, and so they had to pull their own cart of loot back to Manba.

Walderson and a couple of the henchmen level-up!

Walderson has an intimate encounter with a hench-lady, after which he begins studying his new scrolls, only to be turned into a toad by a curse!

The party, now in need of a curse removal, as well as magical item identification and spell-training, packs up and returns (without incident) to Panpo.

While others see to important matters, Shi Go looks for work and rumors.

Treasure Found

  • 1000 Silver
  • 5000 Electrum
  • 3 Gems
  • 1 Wooden Bracelet
  • 1 Glass Necklace
  • 1 Porcelain Pendant
  • 1 Potion of Clairvoyance
  • 2 Other Potions
  • 1 Scroll with Continual Light and Polymorph Other
  • 1 Cursed Scroll
  • 2 Other Scrolls
  • 1 Amber Wand
  • 1 Magic Ring
  • 1 Magic Longsword
  • 1 Magic Shield


Ludanto Ludanto

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