Red Tide

Sorry No Cultists

Goblins, though.

Ninthmonth 19, 300 AL – Twelfthmonth 26, 300 AL

I’ve lost track of time a bit, but eventually the party decided to investigate the cultists that Walderson’s henchman had mentioned. Returning to Panpo, and then to the small mining hamlet of Silverton, they found goblins hoarding stolen silver ore, but no cultists. Having returned the ore to the miners, the party decided to return to the not-yet-fully-explored Yellow Throne. First, however, Yosif sought to fill out their ranks with some henchmen. He met a strange warlock looking for work and was lucky enough to encounter Fleta once more, so he hired both, as well as a simple townsperson, looking for adventure…

The weather begins to cool to a more tolerable level as the seasons change…


Ludanto Ludanto

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