Red Tide


And some leveling...

Seventhmonth 28, 300 AL – Eighthmonth 19, 300 AL

After spending three weeks healing and recruiting, the party travels once again to the Yellow Throne. On the way, they narrowly avoid tromping through a camp full of bandits, but they do avoid it, make note of it, and continue to the ruins.

They search about the spiral staircase again before Walderson remembers what the one captured brigand said about his cronies hiding a cache of loot “in a cave near some ruins”. He suggests that they go looking for it, and in less than an hour, they find it.

There’s the dead husk of a giant centipede here, and preparations are made for smoking the inhabitants of the cave out, but minds are changed at the last minute, and instead they light their torch and head inside.

Rounding the first bend, they find a cavern with strange, meaningless patterns of tentacles and eyes all over the walls. Also, giant centipedes. The fight begins, with good use of arrows by the henchmen, when the sound of battle attracts a flock of stirges who attack indiscriminately, both men (and dwarf) and centipede. One manages to latch onto Jian’s neck, but Walderson wisely decides to sleep the whole lot of them.

After a quick round of throat slitting (do centipedes have throats?) they continue into the tunnels. After a brief time-waste of a detour, they find another cave. This one has a furry figure slumped on the floor in the center, at the edge of their torchlight. They keep quiet, and Yosif investigates, finding a dead brigand in an expensive fur coat, slumped over his treasure chest. The main is quickly looted and the chest dragged out. Despite the slow going, the party manages to make it all the way back to town unmolested.

Six-thousand silver and a really nice fur coat, as well as a few gems and trinkets, push the party well over the mark for second level (though not quite enough for the henchmen). With all of their new loot (and nowhere good to spend it), the group decides to head to the larger market in Panpo to gear up and hire more henchmen for a return trip.

Next, overland travel!


Ludanto Ludanto

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