Red Tide

Rumors of Disease

Panpo is the wrong place to look for help.

Firstmonth 3, 301 AL – Secondmonth 3, 301 AL

The party scraps up enough coin between them to have the Temple of the Nine uncurse Walderson, and identify a couple of magic items, to boot. A blood-forged (+1) scimitar and a Wand of Lightning Bolts! Sweet!

Meanwhile, Shi Go makes the rounds of the small city, keeping an ear out for rumors of adventure. He hears of a man, Umar, seeking help in curing his small lumber town to the north of a horrible plague. Panpo is, of course, very paranoid about illness, and immediately boot him out and burn their gloves afterward. The party interview him, and he promises some meager gold coins in return for their aid.

The adventurers agree to help, buy a new mule, and gather their twelve-man party to travel to Breivik. The trip is thankfully uneventful, and Umar takes the party to meet the village alchemist, Laurel. She’s doing her best to soothe the afflicted, but a cure requires ingredients listed in her grandmother’s old book, and she can’t go retrieve them and tend to the sick at the same time. Others have sought out the needed items, but never returned. The party agrees to help for a small sum and a dose of the cure for each of them.

The party needs “elderwood moss”, a root called “rat’s tail” and “ironbloom” musherooms. Laurel suggests that they stop and ask for directions at the lumber mill on the way, but the party decides to make a direct drive for the forest instead. They pass a burned out building at the edge of the forest, and then begin rather blindly tromping through the misty woods.

Shi Go spots a fox caught in a trap, and approaches it and attempts to free it. It is badly injured. The hobgoblin trapper hiding in the woods doesn’t take kindly to this, and threatens the party. They try to recruit the beastman to help them find what they need, but the beastman considers their offer stingy and has his razor-beaked monster-crows attack while he begins firing his bow at the party.

The adventurers make short work of the razor-crows, and then run down the fleeing hobgoblin. It almost dies, but San Chal heals it. Now the hobgoblin agrees to help them, though he can’t walk and has to be lead around on Walderson’s horse.

Unfortunately, while everyone is preoccupied with the hobgoblin, nobody notices a giant centipede that sneaks up and bites Yosif. The dwarf is poisoned and becomes violently ill. His henchmen decided to take him back to town to rest. Oh well.

Unfortunately, Fleta, Walderson’s hench-sweetie, is in Yosif’s employ, and she has to leave the party with him.

The hobgoblin knows where the eldest tree in the forest probably is, and that’s where the party was told they’d find “elderwood moss”, so they prepare to go.

Unfortunately, the dwarf’s player had to drop out, so he was (in)conveniently put out of commission.


Ludanto Ludanto

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