Red Tide

Pits: 2 - Adventurers: 0

The Dungeon is Not Your Friend

Seventhmonth 11, 300 AL – Seventhmonth 12, 300 AL

Once everyone has recovered, Yosif buys himself a battle axe to go with his hand axe, giving him the option to dual-wield or lay into thing two-handed, as needed. He also hires a pair of henchmen, the poorly dressed Hilt and the less-than-bright Chao, arming and armoring them as best he can from the poor selection of goods in town. Walderson, seeing the need for a ranged support option, picks up a handful of shuriken as well.

There’s some discussion of arbitrage trading, perhaps importing tools from Panpo to sell in Manba, but in the end it’s decided that there’s too much set-up for right now, and the best bet would be to loot what they can from the Yellow Throne dungeon.

A day of uneventful travel across the plain and into the hilly jungle brings the party back to the Yellow Throne. After checking for guards in the dim light of dusk, the group takes the same spiral staircase down into the darkness.

A dead goblin in the corner proves to be just that, so the party moves on. Knowing that angry orcs and goblins are waiting for them to the north and east, the party opens the door to the west, and files into the small room.

That’s when the floor gives out, dropping Yosif, San Chal, Hilt, Chao and Walderson’s dog into a pit, 10 feet deep. Everybody is bruised, but Chao is bleeding from the ears and non-responsive. He dies shortly thereafter.

The silver lining to this tragedy is, indeed, silver. A goblin corpse and an elven corpse are found at the bottom of the pit, along with a sack of ~4000 silver pieces. The survivors loot the pit, and using their available rope, climb back out to regroup.

Treasure: 4000 silver wheels (400gp), bloodstone (50gp), silver necklace (200gp), 2 bronze bracelets (150gp x 2), 12 gold koku (12 GP)

Henchmen Killed: Chao (0-Level Human)


I hope that the “ridiculously weak” quip about Yudai is sarcasm :P. He’s saved us at least twice.

Pits: 2 - Adventurers: 0

Ridiculously lucky as well. He’s got a Strength of 3. Can you believe that?

Pits: 2 - Adventurers: 0

I can. Just hoping Glenna doesn’t drop from this next fight, I enjoyed her short piece of dialogue. But, let the dice decide!

Pits: 2 - Adventurers: 0

For some reason, these comments are in the “wrong” post. This is in “Pits:2 – Adventures:1” rather than in “Ambushed!”

Pits: 2 - Adventurers: 0
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