Red Tide


Near Death Experience

Seventhmonth 10, 300 AL

After killing the goblins in their sleep, the PCs moved further into the dungeon, passing a room with a puddle of water in one corner, a hallway, a chamber with a defaced dwarven relief (four dwarven warriors battling “The Mother Below”), a locked door with a framed carved like the a dwarf’s beard, and then stopping at one of several doors at the end of a hallway.

When they burst in, they find a trio of goblins sitting around a small pile of bones. The goblins pick up their spears and charge! (This is where poor rolls on my part saved Yosif and Fleta from instant death). Soon, two of the goblins are dead, and the third surrenders. It tells the PCs of the gold that the orcs have, and suggests they go there. Despite being helpful, its hateful attitude toward the Yosif leads him to challenge the goblin to a duel. After nearly half of minute of intense fighting, the goblin loses both arms to Yosif’s axe, and dies.

The PCs rest for a moment before running off to find the secret door that the goblin told them about…

Kills: 2 Goblin Champions, 3 Goblins


Ludanto Ludanto

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