Red Tide

How to screw it all...

Seventhmonth 02, 300 AL

Today is our second day down the ruins of the old city of Panpo

The thought of those boys being enslaved by the kobolds is disgusting. I am anxious to reach the mines and free them.
I have to be more patient to use my limited magical resources, last time I saved Yosif Orefinder and Gendai for the reptilian creatures, but this time I have doubts that it would be enough.
We weren’t able to obtain more information from our prisoner… I really dislike this creature, even more since he provoked Gendai’s death. Poor elf, the remaining kobolds had robbed his corpse. I really want to take him out of there. For all the things I know about the elves, his soul should be looking for another body to reincarnate, but still…
The nasty kobolds had set more annoying traps for us. Just as we entered the tunnel Yosif Orefinder almost broke his ankle. I hope he can fight properly.
At the entrance of the bath house the dwarf noticed that the kobolds had left the entire wall at the brink of collapse. At this pace we will never make it.
I looked at the restrained and gagged kobold who was our prisoner. Realizing that they are treacherous and greedy creatures, I tried to convince it to guide us through the complex where the children are being held. I promised it that we would leave it as the leader of the pack, providing that no more children were kidnapped.


Little bugger conned me! It nodded in agreement and as soon as we untied it, it ran away!! Its little body wasn’t enough to spring the trap, so by now it should be with the rest of its lot.
No point in being cautious and keep it quiet now.
San Chal threw a couple of stones at the wall with his sling and the thing collapsed. We continued, but better be really cautious for ambush or traps.
I don’t fear for the children’s safety, at least no more than before. They need them after all.
But I curse myself for being so naive. Next time I cross one of those creatures there will be no talking nor negotiation, just retaliation…

Walderson Turunen


Ludanto Ludanto

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