Red Tide



Eighthmonth 20, 300 AL – Eighthmonth 21, 300 AL

The party travels about half of a day, following the river to Panpo, when suddenly they hear splashing and see a band of 10 gnolls charging across a ford toward them. Luckily, with the water slowing them down, the gnolls’ surprise attack was wasted, because instantly things were looking bad for the party.

The sub-chief gnoll lead the pack, and was huge and hard to hurt and hit really hard. While nobody was taken out by the monsters, it was obvious that it wouldn’t be long. Luckily, Walderson was able to get off a Sleep spell in time, and all of the gnolls were overcome by arcane slumber… except for the two archers that hung back in the water, who promptly awoke, choking in the river, and then ran away as soon as they got their feet beneath them.

Throats were slit and bodies looted (not that there was any loot to be had), and one gnoll was questioned, but either didn’t understand Imperial or had nothing to say. There was talk of trying to release it and track it back to its lair, or bring it back to town, but all of these options were considered too risky, and eventually the gnoll was left behind as the party continued to Panpo.

A day later, they arrived (and San Chal leveled again!)


Ludanto Ludanto

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