Red Tide

Droskar's Crucible

I forgot what happened, mostly.

The party then makes its way to an old dwarven keep, where they fight wolves and giant spiders and a kobolds. The sleep spell proves to be quite powerful. Finally, they encounter the “boss” of the ruined building, a mighty worg. The worg makes the mistake of talking to the PCs first. Knowing that the worg understands them, San Chal casts “Command” to put the worg to sleep for a moment, which is long enough to murder it and loot its lair. They also find the mushrooms they need to complete the cure for the nearby plague.

They return to town, but find no sign of Yosif or his retinue there.

They decide to return to Panpo to rest up and plan their next move.


Ludanto Ludanto

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