Red Tide

Busywork & Wights

Eighthmonth 21, 300 AL – Ninthmonth 19, 300 AL

About a month is spent in Panpo as Walderson learns new spells and everyone looks for new hirelings, hopefully one with some skill at infiltration. Junko the cleric and Qiang the thief join the party, though apparently neither wants to work for Yosif. Junko says she was here looking into rumors of a cult in a nearby town, but the party isn’t interested in going there right now.

San Chal also shops for a magical weapon, and indeed finds a blood-forged tetsubo (+1) that he unfortunately can’t afford.

On the return trip to Manba, the cross paths with a fighter on horseback who claims to have cleared the beastmen out of the Yellow Throne. As awesome as he is, he isn’t interested in joining up with this party of adventurers.

In Manba, they meet a traveling fighter named Shi Go, and he agrees to join them (new PC!).

Another foray into the Yellow Throne finds a natural cavern extending from one room. The party enters, suspecting that it connects to the last cave they were in nearby. Instead, they find morlocks, kill them, and then descend a natural stone “stairway”.

The room below is filled with bones, is icy cold and creepy. The party draws attention to themselves, and a carcass scavenger answers. Thanks to some solid attacks and a crazy charge by Jian the hireling, they make short work of the thing.

Despite the full-on horror-movie vibe of the room, the party hangs out there for an hour while Yosif and San Chal recover from being paralyzed. That’s when the wights show up.

They’re creepy-looking as all get-out, and dressed in ragged clerical robes, but they aren’t immediately aggressive. However, the party is, and jumps in swinging. They quickly find their weapons ineffective, and then realized that these things are soul-draining horrors, and San Chal (barely) turns undead, sending the things fleeing long enough for the party to do likewise. They set fire to a patch of oil in the stairway and then leave the dungeon for Manba.

On the way back, they notice a beetle lair of some kind, but ignore it for now as they plan their next move.


Ludanto Ludanto

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