Red Tide

...And Hello Again

Seventhmonth 09, 300 AL – Seventhmonth 10, 300 AL

The party arrives in Manba, and after a nights rest, heads out to the forest to find the source of the beastmen. At the forest’s edge, Yosif returns, having changed his mind. After the reunion, the party camps for the night, and has an encounter with a swarm of bats. Luckily, nobody killed anybody else in the party with their panicked flailing. In the morning, they continued to search, and found a yellow-stone ruin that must be the “Yellow Throne” that the villagers mentioned.

The ruins look dwarven, but that doesn’t mean anything to anybody. Down the spiral staircase they go, and through a door. The room inside is filled with tables set up as barricades and a makeshift gong, but no guards. However, a small room off of the next corridor reveals two snoozing goblins. A bit of pantomime, and it is agreed to slay them in their sleep, which they do.

More to follow…


Ludanto Ludanto

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