Red Tide


Sneaky Brigand Bastards

Seventhmonth 13, 300 AL – Seventhmonth 28, 300 AL

Despite barely spending half an hour in the dungeon, with nearly everyone injured and Lai Chao dead, the party decides to head back to Manba’s little corner of civilization. On the return trip, they encounter a heavily-armed convoy of merchant wagons, but after the merchants make it clear that they are willing to kill the adventurers if they get too close, the party gives them the rest of the day as a head start.

The next morning, funeral services for Chao are arranged, and new flyers for henchmen are put up. Also, Fleta Strauss leaves Walderson Turunen’s service, to find her own way for a while.

Over the next two weeks, as everyone heals up, Yosif Orefinder hires Glenna Nairn, a raven-skinned Gadaal woman who seems like she might actually be useful in a fight. San Chal hires Shi Jian, an Imperial man with some military history behind him.

Jian mentions being turned down by two other adventuring parties that have been in town recently, but he doesn’t know anything about them.

After a few purchases are made from the newly restocked market, the party travels once more to The Yellow Throne.

Or tries to. An hour into the jungle hills, the party is ambushed by brigands! Arrows from the foliage knock the mage from his horse and drop the two new henchmen to the ground, unconscious and possibly dead!

Seven brigands pop out of the bushes, and Yudai, Walderson’s ridiculously weak henchman, charges a group of three brigands with his spear, impaling one in the gut, and smacking another with the butt of his spear.

Walderson staggers to his feet from the mud and with a bold incantation, invokes a wave of arcane slumber over the four on the other side. San Chal and Yosif do their best to quickly dismount, and then the dwarf and the elf charge forward and attack. From the rear, Walderson kills one of the brigands with a well-placed shuriken, and the last brigand flees, with Hilt hot on his heels. He’s too fast, however, and soon escapes.

The fallen henchmen are patched up, but they won’t last the day without real healing. A closer look reveals that Jian took a serious injury to his leg, and Glenna’ right hand is crippled.

Walderson lets his mystic aura run free as he interrogates the brigand captives. One is intimidated into revealing that the other half of this crew, including boss “Fancy Feng”, took thier loot to hide in a cave they found near some ruins. Might those ruins be the Yellow Throne?

They leave the brigands, bare and bound, to their fate, and return to Manba.

Luckily, Wen and Fong are available to heal the two henchmen. Disheartened, Glenna leaves. Jian is having second thoughts, but sticks with the group.


Didn’t even notice! Here it is! I swear I posted my first comment under Ambush! Anyway, Crosses fingers for Glenna and Jian

Ludanto Ludanto

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