Red Tide

A Tense Waiting

Seventhmonth 01, 300 AL – Seventhmonth 02, 300 AL

Back in the city, the adventurers head for the Central district, looking for healing for the brave Yosif, but their monsterous prisoner arouses too much commotion in the townsfolk, so the heroes decide to separate.
While Yosif goes for healing, Walderson looks for a discrete alley and awaits his friend there, not without a little discussion of who must remain guarding the treacherous kobold, quickly ended by the dwarf’s diplomatic ways; walking away while his companion complains.
Despite Waldrson’s efforts, the creature gets the attention of a holy warrior, San Chal, who enters the alley and starts a conversation with the young wizard.

Meanwhile the dwarf seems to have found what he needs to be on full health again and to continue their adventure.

Everyone needing time to rest and prepare, Walderson and Yosif and their new member, San Chal, stay the night at the inn known as The Barrel, taking turns guarding the kobold captive in the alley outside.

Early in the morning, the group sneaks the kobold back to the entrance to the under-city and crawl back into the hole…


Ludanto Ludanto

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