Beware the Red Tide!

A wall of red mist, full of mind-bending horrors, engulfed the world long ago, sending the refugees scrambling to the one rumored place of safety, the Sunset Isles. There, the remnants of humanity beat back the vicious, cannibalistic, tribal Shou (known as bugbears and orcs and goblins) and built anew.

But all is not well in the Sunset Isles. In addition to the Shou hordes, the evil sorcerers, the cultists of the Hell Kings, the Red Tide stirs once more, sending out tendrils of madness to tempt man, dwarf, elf and halfling. These madmen, the “Tide Cults”, summon tidespawn horrors and perform dark rituals which each bring the Red Tide closer to finally ending the world…

But that isn’t going to happen today, so best to find what fame and fortune there is to be found in lost tombs and forgotten towers, at the heads of armies or the thrones of noble courts.

The Sunset Isles have been safe this long…

This is a campaign set in Sine Nomine Publishing’s (Publications?) excellent “Red Tide” world. It’s designed for “Labyrinth Lord”, but I’m using the also awesome, “Adventurer Conqueror King System” (by Autarch).

Red Tide

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